Commander unveil 90th anniversary patch

The Washington Commanders have never played a game as the Washington Commanders. So, of course, they have unveiled a patch commemorating their 90th anniversary.

It’s an inherently awkward and delicate gesture. The franchise wants to celebrate a history (except for the recent history it would rather you not notice or mention) that was dominated by a name that was dumped under sponsor duress only two years ago.

Yes, they commemorated the 70th, 75th, and 80th anniversaries of the founding of the team. So it’s not some new idea aimed at trolling those who believed the name should be changed, or for tossing red meat to those who still want to litigate a cold, dead issue. It’s just an unusual confluence of past, present, and future. The team changes its name, something an NFL franchise hasn’t done without relocating in decades, and in the first season of the new name, the team commemorates the completion of its latest decade.

But, hey, at least they got the years right.

So happy 90th, Commanders. Also, welcome to the league.