Man gobsmacked after finding massive Hula Hoop but he can’t bring himself to eat it

There’s nothing snack fans love more than discovering a mammoth crisp, and there have been plenty of impressive finds over the years.

From the Aldi shopper who uncovered a six-inch “mutant crisp”, to the woman who thought she had found the “world’s biggest crisp”, there have been some shocking discoveries.

Well, another crisp-lover is throwing his hat into the ring after finding a Hula Hoop that has to be seen to be believed.

While this is not the first time large Hula Hoops have hit the news – with a 10cm long crisp making waves last year – the foodie is hoping their new discovery could be one for the history books.

It is not known how the new find measures, but its owner believes it could be the “biggest hula hoop in the UK.”

Taking to Reddit to share the discovery, u/SlowApplication9 posted a picture of the hefty crisp he reportedly found in a salt and vinegar packet.

But if you are wondering how it tasted, you might be disappointed.

“I couldn’t bring myself to eat it,” he wrote, adding: “I saved it to show the kids.”

And people were left amazed by the discovery.

One commenter said: “That’s one hell of a unit.”

“That’s a hollowed-out Wotsit,” another wrote.

And one person suggested the crisp was a “crispy telephone.”

There were several other jokesters too, with people commenting “Hula tunnel” and “Hula Whoop” to join in with the fun.