Former Subway worker shares ‘monstrosity’ sandwich order that ‘haunts their nightmares’

When working in food service, employees are bound to have been given some weird and wonderful orders and requests while on duty.

One person, who claims they used to work in Subway in their early 20s, has shared their most memorable order, which ended up being rather “questionable”.

The story about a “ranch sandwich” was recently shared on Twitter, by a user named @pb_and_garlic, who is thought to be from the US – and the thread quickly went viral.

They tweeted: “While I worked at Subway in my early twenties, I made many‚Ķ questionable sandwiches. But there is one I will never forget. I think about this sandwich at least once a week. It haunts my nightmares. I sincerely worry about the person who ordered it.

“A group of high school-aged kids came in. I served the second girl in the group. She wanted a footlong on white bread, cool. Double provolone and double American cheese, I can respect that. Does she want it toasted? No. Veggies? No. Sauce? Yes, ranch please.”

The Twitter user goes on to recall how they had put the usual two lines of ranch on top – an American salad dressing typically containing buttermilk, salt, garlic, onion, mustard, herbs, and spices mixed with mayonnaise.

However, this amount clearly wasn’t enough sauce for the girl who was ordering, who quickly asked for more and more and more – until the worker had used up an entire bottle of the dressing.

And even then they claim the customer still wasn’t satisfied.

The thread goes on: “I continue. I am in disbelief. After a few more passes with the bottle, the dressing is beginning to run off the side of the bread. I look up at her. She does a ‘go ahead’ motion.

“My soul exits my body as I continue to squirt ranch dressing onto her ‘sandwich’. It’s more of an open-face soup at this point. I look up at her, expecting her to tell me to stop. She doesn’t. She wants more.”

They add: “I must have eventually satisfied her demands for dressing.

“I don’t know how I wrapped that thing. I must have blacked out. I just remember how wet it was.

“She paid for that monstrosity and then sat down and ate with her friends, seemingly without incident. I don’t know how. I will never understand how, if I think about it too long my mind will collapse in on itself imagining the eldritch horror of the worst sandwich I ever made.

“I forgot to add she did this without a trace of irony on her face. She didn’t crack a smile. She didn’t laugh like ‘I know this seems crazy’. She was stone-faced. Serious. Deada**.”


More than 142,000 people have since liked the initial tweet, with thousands retweeting and replying to share their thoughts.

One person responded by sharing a snap of a Starbucks drink order, where the customer requested 36 pumps of caramel, saying: “I see your ranch dressing monstrosity and raise you a venti frappucino with way, way, WAY too much caramel.”

Another commented: “Working with food you’ll see the most ridiculous things. Check out this ticket of the most cursed drink I’ve ever seen ordered.”

The drink order was for a Crown Royal, made with coke, extra olives and served dirty on the rocks.

A third wrote: Wait – she sat down with her friends and ate that? You saw her orally consume it there in the store? You may be entitled to compensation.”